Glow Like a Light

So of course if you’re smoking, stop.  And trust me, this one is really going to hurt — don’t drink.  Or at least don’t drink a lot.  Jennifer Lopez has never had a drink or a cigarette.  She’s like 50 and looks 25.  And unlike many of her colleagues – her whole face freely moves and she never looks like she just got filled up with foam.  Now picture someone you know who is 40 and drinks and smokes heavily.  It’s just science.  Again is caused by the slowing of cell regeneration.  The more crap the body has to clean-up and regenerate, the slower the process goes.

My fascination with looking younger probably started with my grandmother Lilly.  She had a young giggly spirit all of her life and she would never tell her age past 39.  For a series of reasons, my grandmother, although she desperately wanted to, never had the opportunity to travel or vacation.  She never went to the beach or camping and was for the most part, a home body.  She was indoorsy in the extreme and had the fairest, creamiest skin I’ve ever seen.

As she advanced in age, she stayed with us fairly often.  One night she had gotten all tangled up in her shirt and sweater and bra and needed some  help.  As I help get her untangled, I observed this 80 year old skin that had never been exposed to the sun.  It took my breath away.  My 80 year old grandmother’s chest and stomach looked like that of a 20 twenty year old.  I was stunned.  It made an impression on me that I never forgot.

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