Get Berried

Looking ten years younger is as easy as 1-2-3.  First, go to the grocery store and buy strawberries.  Lots of them.  And eat them every day.  In six months look at your hair.  A friend of mine bragged on Facebook that she started eating strawberries and was able to grow her hair really long for the first time in her life.  I rolled my eyes and scoffed.  Then by coincidence, I read about ten things you should eat every day, one of them was strawberries.  I started eating strawberries by the bucket load and happened to notice, about 5 months later, that my hair was longer and healthier looking than it had ever been.  MY HUSBAND EVEN COMPLIMENTED ME ON MY HAIR.  Luke hails from Minnesota.  The good Norwegian folk of Minnesota do not believe in giving compliments.  Charles Schulz was also from Minnesota.  He invented the character Charlie Brown  as his alter ego.  He created Charlie Brown with the giant head because his parents had spent a lifetime making sure he wouldn’t “get a big head.” The good folks from Minnesota believe in hard work, choirs and good organ playing.  They do not believe in offering up compliments.  So when my husband a) notices something, and b) says something nice about it.  Wo Nelly.  Beep, beep back up the truck and take inventory.  Nails were looking good by the way good too.


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