Get Banged

I think hair is the first major telegrapher of age.  I first started thinking about age when I was about 9.  I can’t tell you why, but I noticed that Goldie Hawn looked quite young.  Then I noticed over the next ten to twelve years, then 15 years, then 20, that she didn’t change!  I tried to analyze how this was possible (this was before photoshop) and then I it hit me.  She had never changed her hair.  Her hair had miraculously stayed the same color (most miraculous things come in a bottle by they way), and she had never really changed the style.  It was always fell a little below her shoulders, was brushed towards her face, never had a really “fixed” look to it, and most importantly, she always had bangs.  Bangs may be the single greatest quick trick.  Bangs frame the face, making the eyes “pop,” and just generally telegraph a youthful spirit.  Don’t agree?  Challenge:  Go to On Demand on cable, look at Penny in season 1 of The Big Bang Theory.  Now look at Penny in season 2.  You be the judge.

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