Bucket Lists

Here’s my bucket list, I hope you’ll add yours and let us know as you check them off.

  • Take Luke to Paris
  • Play softball (√)
  • Go to Savannah
  • Sing in a Class A House
  • Go to a spa in Arizona via a road trip with girls in a jeep
  • Wear a bikini
  • Live in Europe for 6 months
  • Wear coulottes (√)
  • Go to Mexico (√)
  • Get a new car
  • Go to Lake Country

2 thoughts on “Bucket Lists

  1. I have long been meaning to add this:
    go to Paris – DONE
    go to London – DONE
    ride in a helicopter
    fly inverted
    sky dive
    scuba dive -DONE
    dive the Great Barrier Reef
    meet an astronaut
    reserve the right to amend this list – DONE
    say fuckall and quit a job – working on it

  2. Hey Love your List Here’s mine
    – visit Gettysburg
    – get the cool blue Aikido dress
    – ride the transcontinental railroad
    – visit Paris
    – learn to fly a hang glider
    – study Foxfire books
    – teach english as a second language in a foreign country

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