Dishdoll, my boss’s secretary is very talented and she wants and deserves to be promoted.  I am in charge of job placement within our organization and I have approached him more than once about assisting her with her quest, but he is uninterested, saying that she is indispensable and he simply can’t do without her.

Hound’s Tooth

My fourth tip is annoying but effective.  Floss your teeth.  Real simple.  Pull out the floss once a day.  You know that old saying, she’s getting a little long in the tooth.  Well guess where that comes from?  If you don’t floss, over time bacteria from rotting food eats away at the gum line.  Eventually

Dead Plants

It had been a bitter break-up that neither of us really wanted.  Michael remains to this day one of the most delightful, talented and engaging people I have ever met.  But like so many extraordinarily talented souls, he was a self-medicating manic depressive.  In other words, a drug addict.  The constant fighting over my wish

Get Banged

I think hair is the first major telegrapher of age.  I first started thinking about age when I was about 9.  I can’t tell you why, but I noticed that Goldie Hawn looked quite young.  Then I noticed over the next ten to twelve years, then 15 years, then 20, that she didn’t change!  I

Get Berried

Looking ten years younger is as easy as 1-2-3.  First, go to the grocery store and buy strawberries.  Lots of them.  And eat them every day.  In six months look at your hair.  A friend of mine bragged on Facebook that she started eating strawberries and was able to grow her hair really long for